Our company is highly acclaimed in offering a wide range of Phosphor Bronze

The specifications of this product include :

BS2870 / BS2875 : PB103 - BS2874 : PB102 - NES838 BS2874 : PB104/ BS B24 (DTD265A*) (Colbronze) - BS1400 : PB1 ASTM B139 : C54400 (Colphos 90). 

Phosphor Bronzes, more accurately described as Tin Bronzes, are alloys of copper where tin is the main alloying element with phosphorus added primarily as a deoxidant. Alloys containing up to about 9% tin are wrought. Alloys containing from about 10-12% tin are used as-cast. They are strong, corrosion resistant alloys with many traditional uses in marine environments and in electrical and electronic engineering where their especially at the higher cast level, imparts good wear resistance for traditional use in bearing components.

Chemical Composition

Cu Remainder
Sn 4.00 - 5.50
Pb 0.02 Max.
Ni 0.30 Max.
Fe 0.10 Max.
Zn 0.30 Max.
P 0.02 - 0.40
Total Impurities 0.50 Max.

Mechanical Properties:

%Elongation at 5.65Sq.Rt So G.L. 12.00 Min.
U.T.S. N/mm Sq. 500 Min.
0.2% P.S. N/mm sqr. 410 Min.
Size Over 6 mm to 18 mm